Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland

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Our Parades -

just a small part of what we do

Most people only know of the Orange Order through our colourful parades.

This is just a very small part of what we do.

Contrary to some of the media reports you may have read, the parades are not a form of triumphalism, but are instead a form of celebration.

We believe in the universal right of freedom of expression.  Whilst not everyone believes in the same things as us, we hope that they accept our right to hold our views.

We in turn respect the right of all others to hold their own views and to celebrate their beliefs as we do.

So when we march, we are upholding the rights of all faith groups to maintain their freedom of expression.

About Us

The Orange Order is the oldest and biggest Protestant Christian fraternity in Scotland. We are an organisation of people bonded together to promote the ideals of our faith.

The Orange Order is an organisation that always strives to look forward rather than back. That might surprise some people as often the public only knows of the Orange Order through its bright street parades that are celebrating events from our history.

In order to look ahead however, it is important to understand our heritage.  The historical papers that we have compiled will give an overview of some of the important events and people from our past.  We hope you enjoy reading them, and we’d be delighted to have your feedback.

Orange History

Our historians take a look back in time

No other voluntary organisation can match them for colour, music and crowd appeal. But there is far more to the Orange Order than the holding of annual celebrations as we hope you will discover through this website.

Now in our third century, we were an established part of Scottish life and culture long before the formation of so many other organisations, like the Labour Party or the SNP.

And since the Orange Order originated in the British Isles, it was no surprise that the founders adopted the name of the British monarch most associated with the early development of freedom and democracy -- William III, Prince of Orange.

n Scotland the Order's annual Boyne Celebrations are this country's biggest expression of Protestant culture, heritage and freedom.

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Our Trustees

Past Grand Masters


History of the Orange Order


Battle of the Boyne


John Knox


Prince William