The Imperial Orange Council began its sessions this morning with a hearty welcome from the Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, Bro Jim McHarg. His words of welcome were accompanied by a specially produced audio-visual presentation on iconic Scottish and Edinburgh landmarks and on the Orange Order in Scotland.

Officers and Delegates also participated in a time of worship led by the Imperial Chaplain, Bro Rev Alistair Smyth, before the first of the Council’s plenary sessions got underway. Chairing the sessions all week is Bro Henry Dunbar, Imperial President and Immediate Past Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, whose experience and ability will ensure that the business is dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Council today approved a resolution of loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen (who is currently in residence right next door in the Palace of Holyroodhouse). Ladies of the Order also met in conference today, under the guidance of Sis Jean Logan, Grand Mistress of the Ladies Orange Association of Scotland.

In the first of several hosted events, the officers and delegates were given the choice of a tour and reception in the Scottish Parliament building or a guided walking tour of Edinburgh’s Reformation and Covenanting sites.