An attack on us all – or is it?

Recently, there have been two separate acts of vandalism carried out against faith based community buildings in Scotland.  Both were appalling acts that quite rightly deserve criticism and those responsible brought to justice.

Commenting on the attacks, the Grand Master of the Orange Lodge in Scotland, Jim McHarg said,

“One of those awful attacks was against a Sikh Temple, The Guru Nanak Gurdwara Sahib temple in Leith, Edinburgh.  This was a deplorable and senseless attack and we join with others in condemning it.

Both the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Humza Yousaf, together with the First Minister, have taken to social media and the press to condemn the attack.  Police Scotland has confirmed that they are treating the investigation with the utmost significance, and we understand it is now being investigated as a hate crime.

The First Minister was very strong and precise in her criticism on social media, she said:-

“This is appalling. An attack on any individual or community because of their faith or race is an attack on all of us.”

But what about the other act of vandalism that we have mentioned above?  How many of you have heard of that?  How many of you have seen supportive messages from the Government on this one?

We are of course, talking about the religiously motivated attack on the Govan Orange Hall.

In a blatant faith based attack, a hate filled message was daubed on the outside of the building.  A bigoted and divisive message that will now cost a considerable amount of money to be removed.  Despite the attack taking place in the First Minister’s own Glasgow Southside constituency, her social media channels, alongside those of the Justice Secretary have been strangely silent.

We would ask the First Minister this – ‘Surely an attack on any individual or community because of their faith or race is an attack on all of us?’

We await their response!”


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