A day for the Union

There is to be a ‘Unionist Rally’ held under the British Together banner on the 18th May in George Square, Glasgow.

This will be a great opportunity to show our support for the continued union of our nations, which is an integral part of the belief system in the Orange Order.  The threat of independence remains very real and we must do all we can to fight for staying Scottish and British, with the prosperity and stability that this brings. 

We’ve seen how difficult and divisive the negotiations for Brexit has been, and the uncertainty that this has caused.  This was to leave the EU which was only officially created in 1993.  Imagine the upheaval in trying to dissolve the union that Scotland has shared with other parts of the UK for hundreds of years?

The Rally on the 18th May will be held in George Square, Glasgow, starting at 10:00am.  The rally will then make its way to Glasgow Green.

We encourage all our members and families to support this rally and invite anyone who has the union at heart to come along and show their support to remain part of the UK.

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