A Growing and Expanding Order

In 1974 an exciting time of expansion and growth began, new lodges were opening in many parts of the land, this both strengthened the Order and brought in young new talent. Expansion spread to new territories Inverness, Skye, Hawick, Aberdeen and Berwick-Upon-Tweed although this did not come without challenges.

Rutherglen District opened a lodge in East Kilbride but sadly four members were attacked, this caused the district to hold a procession through the town to show solidarity with the brothers and stand up to bigotry. By 1980 the town had expanded in lodges so much they formed their own District number 58.

Star of the North LOL 700 held a parade in 1977 through the Capital of the Highlands, Inverness. Two thousand marchers took to the street and many of the locals took to the streets to admire the spectacle and applaud the marchers. Many Councillors tried to have it stopped and condemned it as “not the Highland way of life”. Like the Clans we have our own war cry, it’s No Surrender.

Lodge number 493 in Hawick was opened in 1978, they intended to have their own rally but were refused by the local District Council. Grand Lodge challenged this decision and court and were victorious.

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