Another day… another sectarian attack

Another day… another sectarian attack… another unreported story…

Yet again, we regret to report on another sectarian attack in Glasgow.  And yet again it’s likely that you won’t have heard anything about it.  On September 11th, another Orange Hall was vandalised with a hate-filled message daubed on the outside.

Not only did the attack involve derogatory remarks aimed at us, but it also included a reference to a terrorist group (as defined by HM Government’s proscribed terrorist organisations list).

So not only was this a religiously motivated attack, but it is also an act of terror aimed at one section of the community.

Orange Halls are established in communities right across Scotland and are often used by a whole range of community groups, not just by members of the Orange Order.  This is the fifth attack on an Orange Hall this year.  And once again, we don’t see any local or national politicians stepping forward to condemn these attacks or offer solidarity with the victims.

We know that many members feel intimidated by these attacks which are designed to strike fear, cause alarm and distress, and sow divisions in our communities.  We have reported this latest attack, and all the others, to Police Scotland and we hope that those responsible are identified.

More should be done to protect all parts of the community, including the Orange community and we will be pressing for action over the coming weeks and months.


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