Arson attack on Orange Hall

Sickening Arson attack on Glasgow Orange Hall
The gable wall of an Orange hall has been damaged in a “sickening” arson
The incident at Springburn Orange Hall on Millarbank St, Glasgow is the
tenth such attack on Orange property this year.
The fire, reported ‪at around 7.15pm on Sunday evening‬, was quickly dealt
with by emergency services.
The Grand Master, Jim McHarg said
“I have been delighted to see the positive impact our members and lodges are having in their communities across the country, with the charitable giving and assistance shown to people of all faiths and none during this pandemic, something you won’t view in any national newspaper.
While we help others, we continue to have intolerance and hatred inflicted upon our orange existence. Once again I have to report and totally condemn another arson hate attack on an Orange Hall.
Members of the local lodge were “disgusted”. “This is a truly sickening incident and one which clearly had a
clear sectarian motive. The moronic hate-filled individuals responsible are
a blight on the local community and ought to be ashamed of their actions.
“This really is a despicable action and we would call on all to condemn the
attack. CCTV images have captured the four youths suspected of carrying
out this “hate crime”. These have been provided to Police Scotland to assist
with their investigation.
Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101, alternatively
please call Crimestoppers on ‪0800 555 111

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