Boyne Celebration – West Calder

CGL of Central Scotland

Boyne Celebration – West Calder 2019

The CGL Executive would like to express to our supporters and followers who intend coming to West Calder on 6th July to watch the Central Scotland Boyne Celebration Parade that there is very limited parking available in the town of West Calder.

The roads into West Calder will be closed from 10.30am with no access for any vehicle not carrying an official permit issued by the County Grand Secretary. Once all the Lodge and band buses have been safely parked then the Police will re-open certain roads for a very short period to allow movement in and around West Calder particularly for local residents.

Any vehicles parked on the parade route (A71) will be removed by Police Scotland prior to the parade commencing. We would encourage our supporters to travel to West Calder via train if possible. The train station is located just a short walk from the main town centre and provides excellent access to the town.

The parade will leave from Polbeth Park at 12.45 and proceed through the town to the coach parking area at the junction of the A71 and A704

We hope you will respect this notice and enjoy your day visiting West Calder.

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