Boyne Parade information

Glasgow Parade will commence 10.30.

This year’s main Boyne Celebrations Parades will take place this weekend.  As ever, we fully expect thousands of marchers and supporters to turn out and enjoy a fantastic day of celebration.  The Boyne Parades mark an important event in our history and we celebrate the positive impact this had for our faith.

In positively celebrating our own culture, this does not in any way mean that we are denigrating anyone else’s faith or beliefs.  The Battle of the Boyne was an important event at a crucial time in history, but much has changed since then.

Sadly, there are still those who seek to cause division in our communities and want nothing more than to create single faith communities and streets.  That is not what the Orange Order believes in.  We see our faith being an important part of Scottish society, but we have no issues with people of other faiths.  One of Scotland’s greatest strengths is its diversity of people, opinion, and beliefs.  We all live and work together harmoniously. We can all have different views on many different things, and that should be encouraged.

So as we parade at the weekend, there will no doubt be those who turn out to try and cause division and discord.  Let us stay true to our own path and ignore our enemies. 

Let us enjoy our day, and show the same respect to others that we crave for ourselves.

Commenting on this year’s Boyne Celebrations, Grand Master McHarg said:

“I am intensely proud of the good conduct of our members and bands whose intention is to celebrate without giving offence. I would say to those coming to enjoy the music, colour and excitement, you are very welcome. But please do not spoil the day through excessive drinking or abusive behaviour. We have worked closely with Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council to ensure that the City is open for business for everyone – enjoy your day. ”

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