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A parade by a
republican band named after an IRA terrorist was given permission to march
through the streets of Glasgow at the weekend.

So whilst the
Orange Order has faced stiff resistance, legal battles and threats of arrest
from Glasgow City Council and the Police, a terrorist supporting parade was
given the ‘green’ light.

Rather than turning
up to stop the parade taking place, the Police devoted resources to
facilitating the parade.  At one point, the parade refused direct orders
from the Police to take a different route and took to the streets directly
outside a Roman Catholic church.

It beggars belief
that a law abiding organisation such as the Orange Order faces stiff opposition
from Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland, but Irish republican parades can
take place in Glasgow under the banner of known IRA terrorists.  Not only
does this smack of bigotry against the Protestant community in that it is one
rule for us, and another for everyone else, but a parade such as the Republican
parade from the weekend is an affront to all faiths.

The terrorist that
this republican band was named after is known for murdering both Protestants
and Roman Catholics alike.  We doubt that the parishioners who heard this
parade take place outside would have any sympathy for this group, and would be
as disgusted as we are that a parade like this is allowed to take place in

What isn’t a
surprise however, is the silence from the City Council, the Police and the many
politicians that usually line up to criticise LEGAL Orange parades. Whilst an
Orange parade can lead to a succession of news articles and derogatory comments
in the local newspapers, there was very little reporting of this IRA supporting

What isn’t a
surprise either is the silence from the republican supporting Call it Out group
or the pious priest, Canon White.  They are usually the first to condemn
an Orange parade, but seem to have gone radio silent this week.

All we ever ask for
is to be treated fairly. It is clear that isn’t happening. The clear bigotry
that exists against the Protestant community continues.