Comments from the Archbishop

Statement from the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland 

These comments are in response to the interview with Archbishop Leo Cushley by Bernard Ponsonby (aired on STV News, 17 June 2019), where he stated that there was no need to reroute Orange Order parades as long as they were respectful.

A Spokesperson for the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland said,
“We welcome the positive comments tonight from Archbishop Leo Cushley.

“Roman Cabtholics, Protestants, and people from many other faiths and none, all live harmoniously in communities right across Scotland. This should mean that we can all share the same roads and streets as we each celebrate our own heritage and culture. We will certainly play our part in ensuring that our parades are respectful when passing any place of worship. 

“We look forward to dialogue with the Archbishop, and the authorities, and it is our hope that we find a shared solution that demonstrates that it is perfectly ok to have different religious views and opinions, without the need for religious divisions and divides.”

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