Easter Message from the Grand Master

Today we should all have been heading to church with a skip in our step and joy in our hearts as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Instead we continue to observe government guidelines to stay at home as we try to defeat this horrendous coronavirus pandemic.
This is a time to pray for all those who are working for our protection and safety. NHS workers, carers, emergency services, retail workers and the many more who don’t have that option to “Stay at Home”.
If you have used the term “I’m bored” in the past few weeks, turn your thoughts to the people in hospital, to those on ventilators, ask yourself if they would take the opportunity to change places.
I pay tribute to our members that are assisting their neighbours in these perilous times, whether it’s by phone calls, e-mail, txt message, cheering each other up on Facebook or going that extra step and providing food parcels and shopping for the vulnerable. It is of great comfort and reassurance to those less fortunate than ourselves.
This is a time when the true light of Christian love is shining bright.
As orangemen and women we have our faith, we have our hope and we share our love.
Keep the light of our Christian faith shining brightly and together we will get through this darkest of times.
Yours in Christian fellowship
Jim McHarg
Most Worthy Grand Master

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