Glasgow Council leader hiding behind the curtains

In an astonishing act of negligence, Glasgow City Council’s SNP Leader Susan Aitken is bunkering down refusing to meet anyone involved in the parade mess that she is responsible for creating.

It was through her leadership that Glasgow became the first city in the UK to impose Religious No-Go Zones on city streets.  These Religious No-Go Zones effectively banned one religion from walking down a street if a different religion objects.

She decided to take sides against the Protestant faith through targeting the Orange Order, and enlisting the support of Police Scotland.

Police Scotland held private meetings with senior members of the Roman Catholic Church before then objecting to Protestant parades on the grounds that they couldn’t allocate police resources.  However, they did manage to resource the Yes for Independence parade, they did manage to resource an Irish Republican parade under a banner that paid tribute to the IRA.

We felt religious tension growing in our city and we said as much as early as last summer.  We suggested working together, accepting each other’s different beliefs, and we cautioned against creating Religious No-Go Zones.  They didn’t listen, and they went ahead and caused bitterness and tension to grow.

So how does the Council Leader plan to deal with it?  Will she seek compromise?  Will she find the common ground?  No, anything but.  In an astonishing move, she is now refusing to meet anyone involved, saying that would compromise her impartiality.

That is just simply staggering.  She caused this mess by picking sides, and now she’s running for cover and locking the office door refusing to meet.

Tensions continue to rise, issues long forgotten are starting to resurface, but Susan Aitken is doing nothing.

Where will this all go?  Who knows.  But all we can expect from Susan Aitken is newspaper statements and nothing else.

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