Grand Lodge looks forward to parading season.

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland is looking forward to the summer parading season ahead.  As always, we are confident that our members will conduct themselves with good grace, often in the face of religious discrimination from the roadside. 

As our Lodges submit their notifications to parade, we will be working hard at the centre to support them to ensure that we can continue to celebrate our traditions and beliefs.  Contrary to the same old rhetoric you’ll read in the media, we aren’t on the streets parading to antagonise anyone, nor are our parades an act of triumphalism, but instead, they are a way to celebrate our own heritage, and our own culture. 

Far from our parades being confrontational as some may have said in the press in recent days, we instead hope that our parades are a chance for people of other faiths and none to show that we can all live together.

We’ll leave it to others to call for religious no-go zones to be established where only one faith is allowed in some streets in our city.  Instead, our message is about tolerance and inclusion. 

We should be able to have religious differences, without the need for religious divides. 

So here’s to a happy and successful parading season ahead.

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