John Mason’s bigotry

John Mason, the SNP MSP, has said that he will refuse to represent constituents who oppose Scottish independence.

He also ruled out “speaking up for” his constituents who wanted lower taxes or supported the Orange Order’s right to stage marches.

He said,

“I am happy to represent every constituent on issues like housing and to discuss all sorts of issues with constituents. However, I will not be speaking up for constituents who want lower taxes, Orange marches, keeping Scotland in the UK, etc.”

This is the sort of bigotry that should have no place in society.

Jim McHarg, Grand Master of the Orange Order in Scotland said,

“We find the comments by John Mason MSP morally repugnant.  Whilst he remains free to promote his own political agenda, he should also recognise the obligations he has to all his constituents, not just those who share his own narrow opinions.

“He has clearly said that he won’t speak for a significant proportion of his constituents, purely on the grounds of their religious beliefs or their politics.  This is discrimination, in its ugliest form, and it is no surprise that his comments are being roundly condemned. 

“As a constituency representative in the Scottish Parliament, If he doesn’t have the inclination for equal representation for all, then he should immediately consider his position.”

“Surely our First Minister cannot condone and indeed should condemn these comments from John Mason?”


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