Marching season update

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland continues to encourage lodges and members to celebrate their faith through summer parades.

It is widely acknowledged that the right to parade is protected by law. However, with those rights, comes responsibility.

Our parades are a celebration of our own heritage and culture and do not disparage anyone else’s beliefs. Recently, there has been an increase in tensions around some parades, and we believe that all parties should show a willingness to engage and diffuse unnecessary tensions.

Jim McHarg, Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland said,

“Our position remains the same, in that we are always willing to engage in open and honest dialogue on the issues at hand.  We fully recognise the recent positive comments from the Roman Catholic Church, and in the spirit of positive cooperation, we have proactively offered to parade on a different route for our main Boyne Celebrations this July.

“We have made this gesture in the hope that we can continue to progress discussions around a shared long term solution that accepts and respects each other’s religious differences, without the need for religious divides.”

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