New Executive Officer Appointment

Following an exhaustive selection process, the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland is delighted to announce that Ian McNeil has been appointed as the new Executive Officer.  Ian will replace Robert McLean who decided to step down from the post after 25 years, 7 as Grand Treasurer and 18 as Executive Officer.

Grand Master Jim McHarg said,

“We are delighted to congratulate Ian on his appointment and look forward to him starting in early August.  Ian is no stranger to the membership as he has held many roles within the membership of the organisation for a number of years.

“As well as his dedication over many years to the Orange Order, Ian has also been involved in public service through his duties as a local councillor in North Lanarkshire.  Ian is clearly passionately committed to working with, and for, others in all parts of his life.  Through his commitment to the Orange Order, Ian has been pivotal in continuing to modernising our organisation, and ensuring that we are as relevant today as we always have been.  He has also been a key driver behind many of the charitable aspects of the Order’s work, helping us to raise tens of thousands of pounds every year that go to a range of good causes.

“As a local councillor, we know that Ian has helped constituents of all faiths, backgrounds, and political persuasions and achieves great satisfaction at helping others in his local area.  Ian will continue to serve his constituents as a local Councillor in the same way that many other councillors from all political parties have careers and interests outside of their civic duties.

“As our new Executive Officer, Ian will be in a key role for us as we continue to promote our organisation, and defend the rights of people of all faiths to celebrate their own culture and religion as part of a modern Scottish society.”

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