Olympian takes part in 12th July Parade

Tonight the County Flute Band invited Ronan along to parade with the band. He walked with pride with the medals he won at The Special Olympics. Ronan’s mum Katie wrote

“With the recent press about bigotry I want people to see the real side of the Orange Order and bands. They don’t care about race, colour or creed and shouldn’t be labelled doing wrong as it’s the blue bag brigade yet again that brings bad press. My son was parading tonight with the County Flute Band wearing his medals he won at the special Olympics. Also parading was the RWDM of Orange and Purple District No.16 Tam Tyrie, the ladies lodge LLOL247 and other brethren within the district. My son was beaming with pride as he got to parade with his hero’s. There was no malace or bigotry as these people are part of a culture that spans for decades and decades. These same people parade with honour, respect and also have a code of conduct that is strict and they don’t tolerate any members breaking these rules. So the next time anyone see’s the people on the side of the road not wearing a collarette or band uniform, take it out on them, not the decent people within bands or under the banner of the Orange Order. it’s not fair and it certinly isn’t right they should be tarred with a brush like a loud mouthed lout as it’s unjust. Thank you to everyone involved in the parade tonight, especially the County Flute Band for making my son part of your 12th of July celebration. God bless you all”


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