Orange Home Fund Update

Corinthians Chap.10 Verse31 “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God”. 


As I write this article the 2018 season has just begun.     It is very likely that many of us experienced problems in our homes due to the late and  unexpected change in weather conditions we had in March and even into April.   Our Home Fund facilities are no different.  Burst pipes, no water, no heating to name but a few.  These issues, now resolved, we are raring to go and looking forward to yet another busy season.

Keeping the facilities to the high standards that our members deserve is,  just like our homes, a never ending cycle of repairs, maintenance, decorating, replacing broken and worn household items and stocking the cupboards and fridges so that our members can forget about doing the weekly shop, at least for one week.  We all want our homes to be a safe, comfortable oasis for us to relax in and spend time with our families so too,  do we want to ensure that our Brothers and Sisters have the best possible experience that we can offer them when they come to enjoy a holiday or respite break at one of the facilities.

The benefits for our members of having a nice comfortable safe “haven” to retreat to when they are tired out or when life simply gets too much for them are immense.

We see young people being able to spend quality time with their families, some of them tell us that we have provided an opportunity for them to “bond” as a family.   We see the difference a holiday or respite break make to those members who work tirelessly for their lodges and their communities and who, for whatever reason would otherwise not be able to organise such a break.   We hear about the special time and memories that are made for members who are facing perhaps terminal or life threatening conditions.     We know that for some of our senior members friendships are made that last long after the holiday week ends.  Some of our senior members may have few or no family and for them, looking forward to their lodge meetings is a highlight each month, for them to be able to enjoy a holiday week with other like-minded members is a huge benefit.

We receive many letters from members, thanking myself and the committee for the holiday or respite break they have enjoyed   and I always tell people that it is not us they have to thank.   Scripture commands that we give things up to provide for our families just as Christ gave himself for us and without God’s Grace, working through yourselves, giving you the ideas and wherewithal to raise the means to provide the things our members deserve and without the generous hearts of our members and their friends and family we would not be able to make the provision we do.

There is a way for each of us to help with this provision.  Giving your time and talent, organise a fund raising venture, volunteering or supporting one of the many events others organise.   Whatever you do, I know you will do with willing hearts and hands and that you will do it all for the Glory of God


Helyne MacLean



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