Prayer for Today

Prayer: “What about me Lord.”

Almighty God, we bring before you not only those seriously ill with the Corona -Virus, but those whose health it risks affecting indirectly.
Lord God, calm the distress and fears of those who have had their operations or medical treatments delayed, and are experiencing emotional stress ; difficulties in their day to day living and possibly a worsening of their condition.
We pray also for those facing cancellation of important consultations, especially where serious illness may occur. We pray for the NHS under extreme pressure to re-schedule appointment times adding to the frustration and fears of people who may have serious health conditions.
We reach out in prayer also to those who despite the risks still need to attend clinics, undergo investigation, still having to attend GP Surgeries or face time in hospital, potentially exposing themselves to the Corona -Virus no matter how rigorous the attempts to prevent this.
In these very serious and trying circumstances, we pray that the comfort of your Peace would rest upon them and all those experiencing poor health and feel neglected because of the Pandemic, and may families be comforted in their anxiety over their loved ones through Christ Jesus our Lord, AMEN.

Grand Chaplain

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