Unionist Rally – this Saturday in Glasgow

Saturday, the 18th May at George Square, Glasgow, starting at 10:00am

This weekend, we’ll be supporting the ‘Unionist Rally’ that is being held in George Square, Glasgow. It is hoped that a large crowd will attend on Saturday and show their support for Scotland remaining a key partner in our union with the rest of the UK.

Although this isn’t an event aimed at members of the Orange Order exclusively, we see this as a great opportunity to stand with others and show our support for the continued union of our nations, which is an integral part of the belief system in the Orange Order. 

The threat of independence remains very real and we must do all we can to fight for staying Scottish and British, with the prosperity and stability that this brings.  There have been a number of very vocal ‘Yes’ independence rallies and marches, so let’s show the silent majority of ‘No’ supporters that we are standing up to be counted too!

The Rally on Saturday the 18th May at George Square will start at 10:00am, before making its way to Glasgow Green.

We ask for support from all our members and families to join this rally, and to invite anyone who has the union at heart to come along and show their support to remain part of the UK.

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