Religious no-go zones return to Glasgow

Although not related to an Orange parade, we note today’s decision by Glasgow City Council to ban a procession from certain Glasgow streets.  The parade was being organised by another loyalist organisation, different to ours.

Nonetheless, we are very disappointed to see Glasgow City Council once again bringing back their Religious No-Go Zones in Glasgow.

Glasgow’s streets should be for the people of Glasgow from all walks of life, from all colours and creeds and from all religious backgrounds.  But Glasgow Councillors must feel it is better to segregate communities, to divide people on religious grounds, and to isolate individuals and groups when it suits their cause.

This is not the way forward.

The Orange Order remains committed to sharing our streets with people of all faiths and backgrounds, to living and working together and getting on with our lives without discrimination or division.

Should any of our parades be subject to these Religious No-Go Zones that are being created by Glasgow City Council, we will oppose them.

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