St Andrew’s Day

St Andrew had been celebrated for over a thousand years in Scotland however it was 1320 at the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath that he became Scotland’s official patron saint. The Saltire (x) shape was adopted as Andrew believed he did not deserve the honour of being crucified on the (T-shaped) cross as Jesus Christ had been, so he was instead tied upon the X shaped cross.

St Andrew led by example and the people of Scotland are proud and kind, warm and friendly just like he was. Scotland is known worldwide for its spirit, its beauty and its kindness. We are a warm and friendly people, and it is this that keeps many people returning to visit. Scotland is a giving country with around 300 new enterprises set up to help the less fortunate every year.

St Andrew’s day is often marked with celebration of Scottish life, music , food , drink and dancing into the night. We are extremely fortunate to be Scottish , to be part of such a diverse country and to enjoy the culture and traditions that comes with being Scottish.

The Most Worthy Grand Master sends Happy St Andrew’s Day wishes to all our members and the worldwide Orange family.

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