Having taken stock of events during the last few days of the political and media coverage with commentary we update our members as follows.

Grand Master Statement

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland note with alarm and dismay the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and former Justice Minister Humza Yousaf’s reaction to three mass gatherings within the city of Glasgow recently. Clear and obvious political bias is demonstrated in their public condemnation of gatherings that breached covid guidelines. Politicians actively encouraged people to gather in support of protests to disrupt the lawful removal of people from Glasgow following a lengthy court process who have no legal right to be there.

The gathering at Ibrox and George Square on Saturday similarly breached covid guidelines. The response from the former Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf in particular, clearly demonstrated his and the Scottish Government’s double standards when he mentions anti Catholic prejudice yet ignores attacks on Scottish Orange Halls. He has once again criticised Rangers FC for not amplifying their message to supporters prior to Saturday. What is his agenda?

The former justice minister has failed to publicly condemn anti Protestant attacks on Scottish Orange Halls. There have been arson attacks, paint bomb attacks and vile anti Protestant and anti-Semitic graffiti which were not commented upon or publicly condemned. Neither was any support or assistance offered to the minority Protestant community that Orangemen and women belong to.

One Scotland many cultures is laughable when this Government discriminates against minorities like us. The Loyal Orange Institution of Scotland demands equality of treatment for all Scots not just those whose politics or religion suits the government’s agenda.

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