Statement by Grand Lodge

The article published by “trainee journalist” Amy Murray on is full of inaccuracies, blind prejudice and intolerance towards Scots who are members of the Orange Order. Scots who have been extremely active in their communities providing financial, practical and moral support to our NHS and care homes and other essential workers as well as the elderly and infirm during the current crisis.
The article starts by claiming “Glasgow celebrates a slaver once a year”.
This references a claim that as King William III bought shares in a company he directly benefitted from the slave trade. Quite a position to take considering every person of substance who owned shares would be likely to be seen as a benefactor from slavery using that particular logic including of course William’s predecessor King James.
Ms. Murray states
“Sectarian marches leave Glaswegians with a sinking feeling”
On the contrary, every year the Glasgow Boyne Celebrations bring tens of thousands into the city to enjoy the pageantry and spectacle of the day. Families are happy to stand for an hour watching the parade pass enjoying the culture, the music and colourful display of the banners as the marcher’s process through the city.
The interesting choice of words and phrases used in the piece are ones used by impartial observers such as, Call it Out, Angela Haggerty et al.
They are all in there, all of their buzz words.
Anti-Catholic, Bigotry & Racism etc. It’s an all-white march we are informed. Those who participate know nothing or little of the history they are marching for we are bluntly told.
The Orange Order is pro protestant not anti-anything. Accusing the Order of racism is beyond parody when we have members who are Black and members who are Asian. We have lodges in Ghana and lodges in Togo. Brother Reverend Jason Lingiah would be puzzled to be informed it’s an “all white parade I’d presume. The fact is that the anti-slavery movement had its origins within Scots and Ulster Scots immigrants to America and indeed Scottish covenanters in South Carolina and East Tennessee.
Members could easily give a history lesson to the young trainee journalist who if objective and had carried out some research would not have made so many factual errors in her piece.
“The march is notorious for attracting trouble from the marchers themselves, who are known for launching glass bottles and starting fights with passers-by”.
Police Scotland routinely refer to the Orange Order as professional march organisers who steward their events well. Indeed, Dr Michael Rosie the Scottish Government advisor on parades documents this within his most recently published report.
Referring to our parades as “far right, all white, destroying everything in their path” clearly displays an arrogance and prejudice not befitting an unbiased independent journalist.
Attempting to demonise ordinary Christian men and women by labelling us as monsters and the continued attempts to stigmatise the Order is an import directly from Sinn Fein’s propaganda school.
2020 has seen a marked increase in Scottish Orange Halls being attacked in religious hate crimes. The statue in Glasgow of King William III has been attacked twice in the last 24 hours. Articles such as the one referred to above are a clear anti Protestant anti British propaganda war being acted out by extreme Scottish nationalists and republicans who detest everything we stand for. There is a clear attempt to intimidate Scottish Orange men and women. The Orange Order has been a vibrant part of Scottish society for more than 200 years and we will continue to be part of our country for the next 200.

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