Statement from Grand Lodge

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland condemns the cowardly attacks conducted under the guise of protests on the Cenotaph at Whitehall and various other cities in the United Kingdom. Desecration of memorials and statues erected in memory of war heroes and others who have provided their country with meritorious service, many of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice, is truly shameful. The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland demands those responsible are brought to justice and feel the full force of the process of law.
Allowing such protests to take place when our country is in the grip of this dreadful pandemic is difficult to understand. Families have been unable to attend funerals of their loved ones or visit the sick, and yet thugs have ran riot causing mayhem and destruction in the process. The Orange Order are rightly proud of the civil and religious liberties delivered by King William III that our citizens enjoy today. However civil rights and liberty come with a responsibility to act lawfully and uphold government medical advice not to gather publicly in order to protect lives.
The SNP Government in Edinburgh must ensure attacks on monuments in Glasgow’s George Square, Cathedral Square and Kelvingrove Park are not repeated. Jim McHarg Grand Master stated anti British attacks must not be tolerated and those responsible must be brought to account. We call on the Leader of Glasgow City Council and the First Minister to condemn these offensive acts and provide Police Scotland with the necessary resource to protect our public memorials.
We remind everyone to follow the medical advice.

Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.

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