A statement in response to the court proceedings against Glasgow City Council

A spokesperson for the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland said,

“We are disappointed with the outcome today.  We have always followed the process set out by Glasgow City Council, and we simply asked that they were made to follow their own process too. 

“However, despite today’s ruling, we will continue our fight for fairness and equality for people of all faiths.  We simply want to be able to celebrate our own beliefs, just as all other faiths can celebrate theirs.

“A roman catholic church, located on a street in Glasgow, should never be seen as a threat to any other faith, in the same way that Protestants quietly walking past that church should not be seen as a threat either.”

“Creating religious No-Go Zones in Glasgow, the first UK City to impose such orders, will only create further divides and raise tensions that otherwise do not exist.

“Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland must put an end to this unjust, unfair and discredited practice of religious segregation.  People of all faiths and none, should be able to live together, accepting each other’s religious differences, without the need for religious divides.”


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