The County Grand Lodge of Central Scotland will have a number of Districts on parade on Saturday 11th September for their Boyne Celebration. The County Grand Lodge of Glasgow will have a number of Districts on parade on Saturday 18th September to celebrate 200 years of parades in Glasgow.  

Boyne parades

The Grand Orange Lodge would like to thank all members and supporters who took part in our Boyne celebration parades at the weekend. The overwhelming majority of participants behaved impeccably and enjoyed a day of celebration. Families came out to enjoy the day and there was a wonderful atmosphere in our city streets. Unfortunately, the …

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Boyne Parade information

Glasgow Parade will commence 10.30. This year’s main Boyne Celebrations Parades will take place this weekend.  As ever, we fully expect thousands of marchers and supporters to turn out and enjoy a fantastic day of celebration.  The Boyne Parades mark an important event in our history and we celebrate the positive impact this had for …

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Marching season update

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland continues to encourage lodges and members to celebrate their faith through summer parades. It is widely acknowledged that the right to parade is protected by law. However, with those rights, comes responsibility. Our parades are a celebration of our own heritage and culture and do not disparage anyone else’s …

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