The institutionalised discrimination continues

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland is disappointed and concerned with the blatant and open discrimination being leveled at protestants in the City of Glasgow.

The Apprentice Boys of Derry, a loyalist organisation separate to ours, has just had their parade re-routed to avoid the new Religious No-Go Zones that Glasgow Council has implemented on certain public streets in our City.  This, Council chiefs claim, is due to concerns of public order, not from the parade, but from public protesters who may come out to religiously discriminate against loyalists.

However, a planned independence parade has had their route passed, despite their refusal to make changes after emergency services said that if no changes were made to the procession, “A major incident would have to be declared”.

So how will our SNP and pro-independence Council leaders handle this one…?  Don’t hold your breath.

It’s only where it involves unionists or Protestants do they act and impose bans.

Tensions are growing, with some protestant groups starting to organise protests and campaigns of their own to counter this blatant institutionalised religious discrimination.  With supposed ‘sectarianism’ being an issue that was largely consigned to the history books, Glasgow City Council are doing a first class job at raising religious tensions to all new levels.

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