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I’m saddened to respond to ‘Amy Muz’ on her diatribe on the Orange Order in Glasgow and Scotland – but gladdened to do so too.

She encourages people to ‘do their research’ and I present an opportunity for education – something we pride ourselves on in Scotland.
I’m the Rev. Jason Lingiah, a Reformed Protestant Minister of a mainstream church in Scotland. As my name suggests, I am of Asian origin, my family coming from the Commonwealth country of Mauritius. And not only that, I enjoy the parades in my home city of Glasgow. I enjoy them so much, that I am a member of the Orange Institution in Scotland, and a Grand Chaplain of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland.
Therefore, I do question which parades are being talked about here, for these parades are far from ‘entirely white’ as Orangeism is a worldwide, Protestant fraternity and I have found myself walking at the front of quite a few of them. They are neither ‘racist’ or sectarian’ as the Christian message is for all people as we find all sorts of members of the Order here in Scotland from all sorts of social and religious backgrounds, even those from a Roman Catholic background.
Far from a ‘swarm of locusts’ – the Orange Order brings colour, pageantry and a celebration of our faith, culture and history to our streets, not to mention the numerous members who serve in church, often as Elders and even fellow Ministers as well as thousands of hard-working church members who volunteer in wider Scottish society at all levels – and have been recognised as such. Such a ‘swarm’ has brought relief to many communities over the last three months in charitable donations, food and friendship to many in need regardless of background. For true liberty to exist in Scotland, the Orange Order should be encouraged, for we have been a positive part of Scottish society since 1798 – and we’ll be here for a long time to come.

Brother Reverend Jason Lingiah

Grand Chaplain

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